See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (2023)

After raising 5 kids, I can say the hardest time was the first few months after the birth of each child. Day after day, we would wake up at all hours of the night to soothe and comfort our new addition to the family. We spent endless hours either walking the floor swaying the baby or in a rocking chair which was a little dangerous since a few times we too started to doze off. Luckily today, parents of newborns can get smart baby devices to help avoid these types of situations and help their babies get the rest they need as well as themselves. One of those devices is a smart bassinet by 4mom’s called MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. We recently had our newest baby tester try it out and here is what he found testing the smart bassinet.

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (1)MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet boxGearBrain

What is MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet?

The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is a smart bassinet that helps your newborn fall asleep and stay asleep. It can soothe a crying infant and comfort them using its unique swaying motion and natural bouncing which simulates the movement of being held by their parents. This swaying motion is the same movement used in the MamaRoo4 Multi-Motion Baby swing which GearBrain tested last year. You can choose up to 100 different soothing and sound combinations which you control to help comfort your baby. The combinations are set up by using the bassinet’s touch controls on its display or by using the MamaRoo free app.

In addition to the customized movements, the MamaRoo sleep bassinet also comes with breathable materials, a flat firm mattress, adjustable heights and a lot of room which makes it easy for parents to access their baby. It also follows the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP’s) Safe Sleep Guidelines for newborns. Overall, MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is safe and secure for your little one.

How to Setup MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Setup was simple and easy. We downloaded the MamaRoo app, created an account and followed the setup instructions. Note: to open an account you will need to get a code which is underneath the bassinet's base. The app will show you where on the bassinet's base to look for the code.

(Video) mamaRoo sleep bassinet Quick Start Guide

The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet connects to your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you can control the bassinet's sounds and movements. Also, you can use the timer which has a maximum 4 hours.

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (3)You will need to find the code underneath the bassinet to connect with the MamaRoo appGearBrain

New 4moms Newborn Sleep Classes

One of the unique benefits you get when you purchase a MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is access to valuable lessons on how to help you and your infant get better sleep. If you are a newbie parent and not certain what to do when your little one starts to cry or doesn’t sleep well, you are going to love the 4moms Newborn Sleep Class. This online class was created by Carolynne J. Harvey, an experienced mom who has helped thousands of parents achieve better sleep and gain confidence in getting their newborn to sleep better too.

The online class addresses each of the following situations which you will experience with your infant at some point:

  • How to recognize sleepy clues
  • Calm a fussy baby
  • End day and night confusion
  • Self-soothing techniques
  • Optimize sleep using the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet
  • Transition to the crib.

In addition to the online classes, you are granted access to the 4moms Newborn Facebook private group, a 40% discount to Dream Baby Sleep’s Sleep Lab and 5-month access to the 4moms online class portal.

All these lessons and conversations in the private group are essential to first-time parents. The online course is free with purchase of MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet on the company website. If you didn’t purchase your sleep bassinet on 4moms website, you can buy the course for $49.99.

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (4)MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes with breathable material, a hard mattress and see-through sides.Gearbrain


The cost of MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is $449.99 and is available on the company website for only $359.99 (a 20% Mother's Day Discount) and Amazon. There is no rental option like Snoo Smart Bassinet (rental costs $159 per month with a one month minimum plus additional shipping and refurbishing fees). However, $449.99 is an affordable price for MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, especially when compared to the price of Snoo ($1,595) which is currently on sale for $1,276.

What is the Difference Between Snoo and MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet?

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (6)

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes with a bottom shelf and Snoo does not


After testing both smart bassinets, we found a few similarities but a lot of differences. Both smart bassinets work on the Bluetooth wireless connection using a free app (iOS and Android). They also have see-through sides and use breathable materials. And both smart bassinettes are easy to setup.

Regarding differences, there are several areas where MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet differs from Snoo. The MamaRoo has more movements and sound combinations then Snoo. However, the movements are not responsive like Snoo. MamaRoo offers a timer to help soothe your little infant and Snoo does not.

The designs of the two smart bassinets differ as well. The MamaRoo comes with a bottom shelf to store items and you can adjust the height of the bassinet. Snoo does not have a bottom shelf and you can’t adjust the height. However, Snoo does provide more room for your infant and looks more like a bassinet.

The MamaRoo can only be purchased while Snoo can either be purchased or rented. However, Snoo can get very expensive no matter which way you go. For instance, besides the high cost to buy, renting a Snoo requires at least a one month plus a refurbish fee ($90) and return shipping costs ($60). And at $159 per month and a three-month rental, you're going to pay a lot more than the cost of the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet.

We did see both smart bassinets offer guidance on weening your infant from a bassinet to a crib. However, how they do it is quite different. Snoo provides this information in their app while MamaRoo offers it in the app and with Newborn Sleep Classes. This course provides more in-depth information than just weening your infant into a crib. It provides the guidance which will help you and your infant sleep better at night.

Lastly, where these two smart bassinets differ is how they secure your infant in the smart bassinet. Snoo comes with a built-in swaddle to help keep your infant secure in the bassinet. MamaRoo does not have any built-in swaddle. This is because they follow the guidelines of the AAP. Both are safe and secure ways for your infant. You just must decide which you would like to use for your infant.

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (7)Use either the bassinet's dashboard or MamaRoo app to set the motion and sounds for your bassinetGearBrain

(Video) Meet the mamaRoo sleep bassinet

How did MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet perform?

Since we were familiar with MamaRoo Smart Infant Swing, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet was easy to test. Just like the infant swing, MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes with five motions: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. It also has sounds you can choose which includes 4 white noise options: rain, ocean, fan and shh. And you connect your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection to control sounds through the sleep bassinet speakers. For our little tester, he really liked the car ride motion with ocean white noise. This combination worked well. For your infant, it might seem overwhelming since you can choose up to 100 different combinations of sound and motion to help your newborn fall asleep or soothe them. However, its rather easy to find the right combination, especially at night. The bassinet’s dashboard is backlit, and you can easily adjust the motion and sounds in the darkness.

Another nice feature we liked is how you can set time limits in the app as well as establish bedtime routines to help improve sleep for your infant.

See how MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet offers 100 different combinations of sound and movements to calm your newborn. (8)You can use MamaRoo app to set the timer for the bassinetGearBrain

There were a few things our tester would have liked or had when using the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. First, MamaRoo does not come with a way to strap your baby to the mattress like Snoo offers. MamaRoo does recommend swaddling your infant until they are old enough to turn over. However, our tester moved a lot and got out of his swaddle. It would have been nice if we could have gotten him more secure in the bassinet.

Regarding sounds, it would have been nice to play music from our smartphone on the MamaRoo speakers. The MamaRoo infant swing did have an aux port to connect to your smart phone to play music. However, there is no port or a way to connect a device wirelessly on the bassinet. It would be a good addition to the smart bassinet if looking to add new features.

Lastly, the MamaRoo is only parent controlled. For some parents, this is fine. However, if you want a bassinet to be somewhat responsive when the little one starts to fuss you will have to consider a different smart bassinet.


(Video) The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet: The Best Way To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Overall, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is a good affordable smart baby device. Though the bassinet doesn't automatically respond to your infant when they start to cry or fuss, it does have a lot of valuable features to help you learn and get your newborn to sleep better, soothe them, and keep them safe and sound all night long. This translates into a goodnight sleep for all.


  • App, easy to control
  • Timer
  • Movements and Sounds
  • Mesh siding is easy to see your infant


  • No built-in swaddle
  • Bulky Design
  • Not responsive
  • Parent controls only

Don't forget to check out The GearBrain, our compatibility find engine. It will help you find other smart baby tech as well as compatible smart devices for your newborn and family.

How to Find Products in The GearBrain, Our Compatibility Find Engine for Smart

4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard with Removable Bassinet and Baby Changing Station, Easy One-Handed Setup, from The Makers of The mamaRoo

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What does the MamaRoo bassinet do? ›

The mamaRoo sleep bassinet features a firm, flat sleep surface that is designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer. It can be used for both overnight sleep and naps throughout the day. The mamaRoo infant seat is designed to comfort, soothe, and entertain your baby.

How do you use a MamaRoo for a newborn? ›

Simply bounce and sway with your phone in your arms, and you'll receive two Roo™ recommendations—two sets of MamaRoo motion and speed combinations that are most inspired by your soothing moves. Plus, save baby's favorite combinations as presets, so your go-to moves are always available with the touch of a button.

Are MamaRoo safe for newborns? ›

There is no age or size limit for use, so the newborn insert can be used from birth until the baby no longer prefers it. The mamaRoo infant seat is designed for use from birth until your little one reaches maximum weight limit of 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out, whichever comes first.

How do I get my baby to sleep in a MamaRoo bassinet? ›

Tips to Improve Baby's Sleep With the mamaRoo sleep® bassinet
  1. Swaddle your baby for naps and nighttime sleep in the bassinet. ...
  2. Lay your baby down drowsy, but awake. ...
  3. Use the mamaRoo sleep bassinet and baby sheets at night for baby sleep and for as many naps during the day as you can.
Oct 2, 2020

Can baby sleep in MamaRoo bassinet overnight? ›

Is the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet approved for overnight sleeping? Yes. The firm mattress provides a safe, flat sleep surface that follows the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Safe Sleep recommendations.

How many minutes can a baby be in a MamaRoo? ›

How long can my baby stay in the MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing throughout the day? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies shouldn't be in a swing more than 30 minutes at a time.

Can 3 month old sleep in MamaRoo? ›

No. Since it is neither a flat surface (there is always a slight recline) or a firm surface, as recommended by pediatricians, we cannot recommend that it be used for overnight sleep.

Why is the MamaRoo recalled? ›

4moms Recalls More than 2 Million MamaRoo and RockaRoo Infant Swings and Rockers Due to Entanglement and Strangulation Hazards; One Death Reported |

Is MamaRoo toxic? ›

MamaRoo is made with safe materials without using harmful flame retardants.

Why does my baby wake up when put in bassinet? ›

Your child's vestibular sense senses the sudden change in position. Through sensory inputs from the skin, joints and muscles their proprioception tells them their body is in a different place in relation to their environment. Understandably, a sudden change in position and movement can wake a person up.

Does the mamaRoo bassinet vibrate? ›

No. mamaRoo sleep bassinet units no longer have the vibration functionality. There are manufacturing issues specific to the vibration feature, which were further complicated by the ongoing pandemic and supply chain delays, that did not meet our high quality standards.

Why won't my newborn settle at night unless held? ›

Why will my baby not sleep without being held? Two of the most common reasons that your baby won't sleep unless in your arms are that your baby feels most secure in your arms or that your baby is uncomfortable (he might need to burp, have silent reflux or gas).

Does MamaRoo help with colic? ›

You can use your MamaRoo for colic. One in five babies suffers from colic: when an otherwise healthy baby cries excessively and can't be calmed. Many parents of colicky babies find that a swing is the only thing that can ease their baby's constant crying.

Can you put baby in MamaRoo after feeding? ›

If a nurse can't hold a baby after feeding, we can securely place them in the MamaRoo in the upright position. This way we can easily keep an eye on them while tending to other duties, and they'll be less likely to spit-up. Additionally, older babies can look around and interact instead of laying in bed.

Is it OK to leave newborn in bassinet awake? ›

If you're laser-focused on instilling good sleep habits and teaching your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep without too much intervention on your part, then yes, the experts say to put your baby in their crib fully awake, and teach them to fall asleep independently.

How long can a newborn be in a swing? ›

“Babies shouldn't be in a swing for more than 30 minutes at a time,” says Trachtenberg. Keeping your little one strapped in a swing for too long each day can result in a flattening of the back of their head (known as plagiocephaly), according to the AAP.

Can you leave newborn unattended in bassinet? ›

Normally it's fine to leave your baby alone sleeping in their Moses basket or crib, and a great opportunity for you to get some sleep as well – remember that for the first 6 months your baby should sleep with you in the same room at night so you can check on them regularly or hear them when they wake up and start to ...

What is the point of a MamaRoo? ›

The MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™ is the only swing that moves like you do. Inspired by you, our motions mimic parents' natural rhythms and movements to become the most familiar space to safely put your baby down when they can't be in your arms.

What are the modes on MamaRoo bassinet? ›

There's a lot to love about the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet: With five unique rocking motions and five speed options, you're sure to find a combo that baby loves. Choose from car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and rock-a-bye.

What are the benefits of a bassinet stroller? ›

If you'll be on foot, the big benefit of a bassinet stroller is that it allows baby to lie completely flat, which is the recommended position for safe sleep. Since newborns and younger infants will often sleep while strolling, a bassinet that allows them to lie flat is preferable over the incline of an infant car seat.

Does MamaRoo help with sleep? ›

The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet can help soothe and comfort baby, which can help them start connecting sleep cycles, and allow them to sleep for longer stretches, as they get older.


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