7 Best Bassinets 2022 (2023)

The crib might be the big showpiece of your baby's nursery. But for many new families, a bassinet will be the real sleep workhorse during the first few months of life.

Sleeping in a bassinet by a parent's bedside can significantly reduce a newborn's risk for SIDS - not to mention make middle-of-the-night wakings easier to manage, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP). Like cribs, bassinets are infant sleep spaces with a sturdy, stationary base that are supported by freestanding legs. But they're designed specifically for babies 5 months and younger, so they take up less room and can easily be positioned next to your bed, giving your baby their own sleep space while still keeping them close by.

"A bassinet allows for you to be within arm's reach of your baby without compromising their safety by bedsharing," explains Sarah Lazarus, DO, pediatric emergency department physician at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Bassinets are also just as safe as full-size cribs, Lazarus notes, provided that the bassinet meets current Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards and haven't been recalled. Bassinets must meet CPSC standards to be sold in the United States; for an extra layer of protection, buy your bassinet from a reputable, well-known retailer in the United States.

You should also use the bassinet according to the manufacturer instructions. Note that bassinets always have guidelines on when to stop using. Most say to discontinue use when your baby starts pushing up on their hands and knees, or reaches a certain age or weight. Stop using the bassinet when your child meets or exceeds any of these guidelines.

Parents should also follow general safe-sleep guidelines for infants, who should sleep only on a firm, flat surface covered only by a tight-fitting sheet, with no extra soft material (pillows, blankets, stuffed animals) anywhere in the bassinet.

Bassinets come in a few different varieties. The one you choose will depend on which features are most important to you, how much space you have, plus simple aesthetics (it's going to be in your bedroom for several months, after all).

  • Traditional bassinets are pram-style sleep spaces that look like what you might find in a vintage baby book. Some have simple, free-standing legs similar to a crib; others have wheeled bottoms. Many have a canopy and are made of wicker or wood, though there are also many that have fabric sides and lightweight, folding frames.
  • Swivel bassinets have a rotating cradle that can easily be pulled closer or pushed further from your bed without having to move the sturdy base. They typically have sturdy steel bases with mesh sides for improved airflow.
  • Bedside sleepers are lightweight bassinets designed to be placed right next to your bed. They typically have a door panel that can be pulled down to put your baby within arm's reach. According to the AAP, there isn't enough research on bedside sleepers to say whether they increase or decrease the risk of SIDS.
  • Travel cribs or play yards are portable, lightweight cribs with soft sides. They can typically be used through toddlerhood (but if a crib has a dedicated bassinet mode, that should only be used until your baby reaches the age/weight/milestone standards spelled out by your product's instruction manual.
  • Rocking bassinets have bottoms that rock back and forth (either automatically or by pushing) rather than stay stationary. Most experts don't recommend them; they're not as sturdy as bassinets with a stationary base, which could increase the risk that a baby falls out and gets injured.

How we chose the best bassinets

Since baby sleep is so important, particularly to rest-starved new parents, picking out a bassinet that's comfortable and safe is a baseline. But to be the best in a crowded field, bassinets must be affordable (or at least worth the price tag), attractive, sturdy, and have special features, such as the ability to fold flat or a swivel bed that makes it easier for parents to see and tend to their babies. It should also ideally come with at least one fitted sheet that fits tightly.

With so much at stake, we started our search in BabyCenter's Community, looking through millions of real-parent posts to find the bassinets parents buy, use at home, and recommend to each other. Once we found these standouts, we had our expert editorial team research and vet them, ensuring that each met standards from public safety and advocacy groups like the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, as well as experts like Dr. Lazarus.

Keep reading to find the best smart bassinet, portable bassinet, and affordable bassinet. And if you're looking for more comfy and safe spaces for your baby to sleep, our favorite travel cribs and full-size cribs might help.

Best bassinet overall

Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0

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The Halo BassiNest adjusts to almost any bed height, and swivels and rotates 360 degrees to give you easy access to your newborn so you can safely co-sleep (or allow your baby to sleep solo safely). Parents also love the mesh sides that give you a great view of your baby from afar.

This3.0 version has a cool new superpower, too:You can lift off the "basket" where your baby sleeps and use it as a portable bassinet that's safe for naps or overtime sleep, keeping your baby close to you wherever you are.Like other versions of the BassiNest, you can lower one side of the 3.0when it's time to attend to your baby's needs, and the set comes with a waterproof mattress with a fitted sheet.

Heads up

Some parents say the mattress is hard. The base on the BassiNest 3.0 has been redesigned to be lighter than the previous version, but at 22.6 pounds it's still difficult to move the BassiNest from room to room.

Parents say

"I love that it's got an adjustable height that matches my bed which is pretty high, 25 inches. Love all the features. Definitely worth the money."

"I'm so happy I bought this bassinet! I love that it sits level with my bed and I can easily reach my baby and check on him. It's worth every penny."

"I did the Halo BassiNest with our son and plan to use it again this time around. I'd recommend it. We just did the base model, no extras. I didn't feel the need for anything else and we never missed it."


  • 47 x 47x 44.5inches at full height
  • 22.6pounds
  • Height adjusts to fit beds from23.5to 30 inches
  • Comes with fitted sheet
  • Recommended up to 5 months or 20 pounds; discontinue use when your baby shows signs of rolling over or pushing up on hands and knees

Best smart bassinet

4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Billed as a more affordable alternative to the popular (and pricey) Snoo bassinet, the mamaRoo has five unique automatic motions and speeds to help soothe your baby to sleep. Use the control panel on the bassinet, or make the adjustments from your phone with the corresponding app. Only the bassinet basket moves, not the base itself, so it doesn't pose the same potential tip-over risk as a conventional rocking bassinet.

Heads up

Many experts recommend avoiding moving cribs, both because they introduce more potential safety hazards than stationary cribs, and because a baby who gets used to being rocked to sleep may be harder to put to sleep when you move them into a crib or play yard.

Parents say

"My brother & sister in law just got one for their new baby and they've had a really positive experience with it so far."

"We went with the 4moms bassinet that has multiple movement options"


  • 34 x 24 x 39 (at full height; remove leg extenders for 34.4-inch height)
  • 30 pounds
  • Comes with fitted sheet
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 25 pounds in weight

Best portable bassinet

Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Bassinet

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The LullaGo is a lightweight, space-saving, convenient sleeping and napping place for your newborn. Sturdy legs snap on for easy assembly, and see-through mesh sides let you see your baby as they rest. This bassinet folds flat and fits tidily into a carrying case for easy travel, and it comes with a fitted sheet. The LullaGo is Greenguard Gold-certified for low chemical emissions, and perhaps best of all: its fabrics easily zip off and can go right in the washing machine.

Heads up

This is a simple bassinet with no bells and whistles (no music, motion, lights, or sounds). And some parents say the mattress is too thin.

Parents say

"I got this product to use in my living room as a napper. Since I live in a split-level, I didn't want to have to lug the bassinet in my bedroom downstairs at naptime, and I wanted to have my baby on the same level as me during the day. It's a great, simple product. It's compact, and the fabric is nice quality and seems easy to clean."

"My husband and I love this bassinet for our newborn. We wanted a portable bassinet, but one that was sturdy enough for nightly use in our room until we transition to a crib. This bassinet provided the perfect solution. It's holding up well after two months of daily use."

"This thing is awesome! We had planned to use a crib in our son's room but realized quickly that for the first month or two we really need him close. We have a very small bedroom and most bassinets wouldn't fit. This one does, and it's perfect for travelling."


  • 30 x 18 x 28 inches unfolded; 28.15 x 18.5 x 5.5 inches folded
  • 12 pounds
  • Comes with fitted sheet
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 20 pounds in weight

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Best affordable bassinet

MiClassic Foldable 2-in-1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet

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First, we love that this portable bassinet can be opened and closed in seconds. It has mesh sides for premium airflow and weighs only 19 pounds. The mattress is made of cozy foam and has a removable, machine-washable cover and pad. Though it's no-frills (no sounds, lights, or vibration), the MiClassic bassinet does have convenient storage pockets to hold necessities like diapers and wipes.

Heads up

This stationary bassinet can be converted to a rocker. But you may be better off not using the rocker mode, since it can make the bassinet less stable; the brand recommends using the rocking mode only for supervised soothing, not for sleep. Also: A fitted sheet isn't included, but the brand recommends only using MiClassic fitted sheets to ensure that the mattress stays level.

Parents say

"It's the perfect size and height for my bedside and it folds up very easily for travel."

"We've used it as our exclusive bassinet for 6 months and it's fantastic. Our baby is comfortable, and the rocking feet were great for when he needed extra soothing. The mesh sides are fantastic – they give great visibility, and are nice and breathable in warm months. We've taken it on a number of trips, and I love that he's always in the same bed no matter where we are."


  • 37.4 x 23.8 x 28 inches unfolded
  • 19 pounds
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 33 pounds

Best rocking bassinet

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology

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This sweet sleeper is aimed at providing a more affordable alternative to ultra-pricey soothing-motion bassinets. Graco's model has a built-in microphone that detects your baby's cries and responds by automatically adjusting the bassinet's head-to-toe motion, vibration, speed, and relaxing sounds to help lull her back to sleep, cycling through several different sequences in an attempt to find the one that restores peace and quiet. It also has a reversible canopy to block light plus built-in wheels so you can move the bassinet with ease.

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Heads up

Graco also offers a slightly less expensive motion bassinet without cry detection technology. Some parents expressed confusion over which product they ended up getting, so pay attention before buying or putting on your registry. Some experts don't recommend rocking bassinets; note that the Sense2Snooze's instructions state to never leave your baby unattended when the bassinet's in motion.

Parents say

"We ended up buying the Graco Sense2Snooze without cry detection and we LOVE it. So does baby."


  • 26 x 19 x 41 inches
  • Comes with washable mattress cover
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 20 pounds

Best bassinet for travel

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

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Portable sleep spaces have gotten quite elaborate in recent years, with price tags to match; travel cribs sell for upwards of $200 or even $300. In contrast, though they're usually reasonably priced, many so-called portable playards with bassinets are far too heavy and bulky to even consider taking them on the road. The Dream on Me Traveler, though, scores on both points: It's both inexpensive and light (15.5 pounds). It also sets up in seconds: unfold it like an umbrella stroller, snap on the legs, and you're all set. If you're looking for a bassinet that's as easy to take to a hotel or Grandma's as it is to use in your own bedroom, this is the one. Parents also say that it's larger and sturdier than competitors, even pricier ones.

Heads up

This bassinet sits a bit low, which can make picking up your baby or putting her down more difficult if you have a bad back or have had a c-section. It also doesn't come with its own fitted sheet, and Dream On Me doesn't sell a dedicated sheet. The company recommends buying a sheet that fits a 20 x 33-inch mattress (many bassinet sheets are sold to fit up to a 20 x 34-inch mattress pad).

Parents say

"I recommend the Dream on Me Traveler. Super light and easy to travel with."

"Our bedroom was quite small and I didn't want our baby to sleep in a different room for the first few months. So we bought a Dream On Me Karley. And my mom ended up gifting me a Dream On Me Traveler! She had peeked over my shoulder when I was searching! LOL! So we ended up with two. Both are wonderfully convenient and baby sleeps almost all through the night in them. So happy!"

"I can't say enough about the Dream On Me Traveler bassinet. It is super roomy and well built. I am so happy with it. We have traveled quite a bit with our little fella and the Traveler has been a godsend. Easy to assemble and fold up too."


  • 37 x 22.75 x 27 inches unfolded; 32 x 12 x 21.5 inches folded
  • 15.5 pounds
  • Does not come with fitted sheet
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 25 pounds or 3 months

Best bassinet with a cover

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

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7 Best Bassinets 2022 (45)

Nosy pets and pesty bugs don't have a chance against the Karley's double canopy, which zips up all the way around when you want your baby covered. You can pull it back halfway or completely when you want a better view of your baby, but if there are elements or creatures to keep at bay, the Karley is aces. It weighs just over 12 pounds (about the same as a lightweight umbrella stroller), and folds up into a compact package that's supremely easy to throw into the car trunk or keep in a closet between sleeps. The storage underneath the bassinet is handy, too, when you want to keep extra diapers or jammies nearby.

Heads up

Some say the included mattress could be cushier. Dream on Me doesn't sell sheets for the Karley and recommends parents buy sheets to fit its 31.5 x 15.5 x 1-inch mattress, such as this fitted sheet from Pupiki (16 x 34 is a standard size for fitted bassinet sheets).

Parents say

"We considered Karley and Traveler bassinets, both from Dream On Me. In the end, the full canopy feature of the Karley Bassinet decided for us and we bought it. No regrets! Our baby daughter sleeps like an angel in it and we caught up on some much-needed shuteye too!"

"I have the blue Dream on Me Karley. I love it! Cute, sturdy, not heavy and easy to use. I also like that I can zip the top to keep the fricken cat out of it."

"We also have the Dream On Me Karley Bassinet and I liked it a lot for my last baby. Super easy to move around and the zip shut canopy will definitely come in handy with a 'helpful' 2-year-old around."


  • 33 x 19.5 x 37 inches unfolded; 32 x 19.5 x 6 folded
  • 12.4 pounds
  • Does not come with fitted sheet
  • Discontinue use when baby can push up on hands and knees or reaches 25 pounds or 3 months

Are bassinets as safe as full-sized cribs?

Safe sleep spaces for babies include full-sized cribs, bassinets, portable cribs, or play yards that meet the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Though the AAP does not recommend for or against bedside sleepers, those that have met the CPSC safety standards may be an option.

Bassinets have their own set of rigorous safety standards from ASTM International, which establishes performance requirements, testing, and labeling requirements to minimize hazards to infants; if they're sold in the United States, they must be tested by a CPSC- and ASTM-approved lab. While there have been instances where babies have sustained serious injury or death from a bassinet, the majority of these cases occurred when an infant was placed in the bassinet with additional soft bedding that led to suffocation, according to the CPSC.

Should parents avoid rocking bassinets?

The AAP recommends that bassinets have a wide, well-supported base that won't tip over if someone bumps into it. Since rocking bassinets may be more likely to top, they aren't the safest choice. "I would recommend avoiding them," Dr. Lazarus says.

Not every expert agrees, and the AAP doesn't recommend against these bassinets. But be sure to follow manufacturer instructions in terms of supervision and using rocking bassinets, or any bassinet, safely.

What should parents look for in terms of bassinet safety?

Look for a bassinet with a firm, flat mattress and a wide, study base or legs. "All bassinets are required to meet CPSC standards [to be sold in the United States], but make sure the bottom is well-supported to prevent it from collapsing," Dr. Lazarus says.

Steer clear of bassinets with an incline of greater than 10 degrees or any product that requires restraining your baby on his belly or in any position in which he could turn on his side or belly, especially if it rocks, recommends the AAP. Elevating a baby's head for sleep can lead to asphyxia, while straps can strangle infants.

Pay attention, too, to the manufacturer's baby size and weight guidelines. The AAP recommends that newborns should be moved to a crib at the end of the first month of life or by the time the baby reaches 10 pounds. However, the ASTM recommends a maximum bassinet age of five months.

This disparity can be confusing. "It's important to look at both the product's recommendations and your child's own development," Lazarus says. "The best thing to do is follow the specific product's recommendations and speak with your pediatrician,"

Some more general safety notes: Never put a bassinet near anything hazardous, such as a window or electrical cords. Don't add a pillow, comforter, blankets, or another mattress to your bassinet for padding, as these raise the risks of SIDS and suffocation. And to reduce the likelihood of flat spots on your baby's head, alternate the direction your baby's head faces every night.

Should parents buy bassinets certified by the JMPA or Greenguard Gold?

Parents should look for bassinets that meet the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. To be sold in the United States, bassinets must meet these standards, so buy from reputable United States retailers. Bassinets may also spell out their CPSC compliance in product packaging or on their web site.

Additional certifications, like ones from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or Greenguard Gold, are nice extras that may provide additional peace of mind for some parents. But they're not a must for meeting the AAP's safe sleep requirements.

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BabyCenter's editorial team is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. When creating and updating content, we rely on credible sources: respected health organizations, professional groups of doctors and other experts, and published studies in peer-reviewed journals. We believe you should always know the source of the information you're seeing. Learn more about our editorial and medical review policies.

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7 Best Bassinets 2022 (50)

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  • Choose a bassinet or cradle with a sturdy bottom and a wide, stable base. ...
  • Check any folding mechanisms. ...
  • Make sure the mattress or pad is smooth and extra firm, and fits snugly. ...
  • Don't be put off by a "hard" mattress. ...
  • Check folding mechanisms. ...
  • Size up bassinet/cradle sides.
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What bassinet is better than SNOO? ›

There are a few motion bassinets on the market, and the 4moms mamaRoo lines up in price with many of them. But it's definitely the best. Although it lacks the automatic cry response of the SNOO, it's still really effective in helping soothe and comfort most babies and in helping them to get more sleep.

Why is the SNOO bassinet so great? ›

The Snoo will almost without question save you time by helping your baby fall asleep faster without human intervention, help you get more sleep by helping your baby sleep more, and make you feel like you've given your child the safest possible sleeping environment you can, which is a great feeling.

Which bassinets are approved for overnight sleeping? ›

Here are the Poppylist suggestions for stroller bassinets that are approved for overnight sleeping:
  • UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand, compatible with the UPPAbaby bassinet only.
  • Mockingbird Bassinet Stand. Only compatible with our Bassinet. ...
  • Graco Modes Carry Cot Stand.
Feb 1, 2023

Is the halo bassinet worth it? ›

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper is most certainly worth it. If you want to keep your baby close to you without co-sleeping, the HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper series will help you do that in style — maybe even better than its competitors, as it can swivel over your bed for an even closer co-sleeping feel.

Are bassinets worth buying? ›

There's no denying the convenience of a bassinet, especially overnight during those first few months. Newborns need to eat a lot, and there's something to be said for reaching over to pick up your baby when it's time for a feeding without having to venture too far from your bed. Want to keep baby close.

How much should you spend on a bassinet? ›

Bassinet/Crib – $150-$1,600+

A bassinet is a great option for those who want to have their baby sleep in their room. They are smaller than cribs, and more portable.

At what age should a baby be out of a bassinet? ›

When to stop using the bassinet. Most babies should transition from the bassinet by 4 - 6 months of age due to safety and comfort factors. Check out the height, weight, and other safety recommendations from your specific bassinet manufacturer.

What should you not put in a bassinet? ›

There should never be any pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, comforters, or bumper pads inside the sleep area or attached to the crib. These items increase the risk of suffocation when placed in your infant's sleep area.

Why should newborns not sleep in a bassinet? ›

If you find that your baby isn't sleeping well in their bassinet, there could be a variety of causes at play: Your baby is hungry. Little stomachs empty quickly and need to be refilled. Especially during periods of growth and cluster feeding, you may find your baby wants to feed instead of sleep.

Is the SNOO the safest bassinet? ›

Most importantly, SNOO is a huge leap forward in infant safety. Its unique sleep sack guarantees that babies stay safely swaddled and securely on the back during sleep for the first six months. That makes SNOO the only bed to meet the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) back sleeping recommendation.

What is the best thing for a newborn to sleep in? ›

The current recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics is to keep your swaddled baby right by your bed, in a bassinet, crib or cosleeper for the first 6 months of life.

Do pediatricians recommend SNOO? ›

There's a problem that many medical professionals argue about: does Snoo cause development delays? It's recommended by pediatricians and long-term studies that as soon as the baby is able to roll, which generally happens around 3-4 months (or even sometimes sooner), they should abandon the swaddle.

Why you dont need the SNOO? ›

But some experts say that swaddling a baby, which is effectively what the Snoo Sleep Sack does, is not appropriate after three to four months, as it can be unsafe and have negative developmental and health effects once the infant is a little older.

Is SNOO too rough for newborns? ›

SNOO's motion is designed to imitate that motion. That's why its highest level—and all levels—are perfectly safe. At the jiggly-est speed, SNOO's platform only moves ¼ inch back and forth. In fact, not only is SNOO safe, but many babies require a fast jiggle to turn on their Calming Reflex.

What is the lifespan of SNOO? ›

The other major con is that the Snoo really does have a limited lifespan. It's unlikely to work for your baby for more than 6 months. A critical 6 months, but still only 6 months.

Can SNOO cause shaken baby syndrome? ›

Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

And parents can rest assured that the movements of SNOO were designed with a baby's safety in mind. In fact, the tiny movement of the bed platform at SNOO's top level sways less than 1/4 inch—back and forth—to each side.

What if my baby hates the SNOO? ›

Try food, louder white noise or a paci.

So, you might run a hair dryer 6 inches away for a few minutes, if SNOO just isn't soothing her. Or, offer a pacifier to see if that solves the mystery! (If you're nursing, it's best to wait until your baby is sucking well before using pacifiers or bottles.)

Can baby sleep overnight in Pack N Play bassinet? ›

Is a Pack 'n Play bassinet safe for sleeping? Yes! A Pack 'n Play bassinet is safe for infant sleep, as it meets CPSC safety standards. Pack 'n Play bassinets, which are federally regulated, have four walls and a mattress that is firm and flat.

Is it OK to leave newborn in bassinet awake? ›

If you're laser-focused on instilling good sleep habits and teaching your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep without too much intervention on your part, then yes, the experts say to put your baby in their crib fully awake, and teach them to fall asleep independently.

Should babies have daytime naps in bassinet? ›

Newborns and younger babies who aren't rolling over yet nap best in a snug bassinet or cradle rather than in a wide open sleep space. For added comfort, swaddle your little one, especially if he's sleeping in a crib rather than a bassinet. Note that even during naptime, babies should always be placed on their backs.

What is so special about Halo bassinet? ›

The HALO® BassiNest® is the only bassinet with a 360º swivel to keep your newborn close allowing for essential bonding. Designed with mothers in mind, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.

Why is the Halo BassiNest so good? ›

This may seem like a minor thing, but it makes such a huge difference in the middle of the night. The mesh sides all around allow you to easily see your baby as well, which is always reassuring. Plus, it makes this bassinet extra breathable, so you don't have to worry about overheating.

What is so great about Halo BassiNest? ›

The bassinet was incredibly easy to assemble and the stand seems super sturdy. The wall of the bassinet bends down so it is super easy to roll over and lift baby out at night when its time to feed. This is my third baby and fourth bassinet and it is the best Ive tried by far!

Why are bassinets unsafe after 6 months? ›

For this reason, it's recommended that you get your baby out of the bassinet as soon as they reach four to six months old. In addition, a baby may learn to sit up as early as six months old. A bassinet's side rails are not high enough to safely contain them once they pull themselves up to a sitting position.

Is a bassinet better than a pack n play? ›

A bassinet acquires less space and is more portable. Since a pack 'n play is larger than a bassinet, it acquires more space but is easily foldable and portable. More expensive bassinets might include enhanced features such as vibration, rocking mechanism, music, mobile, storage space, mosquito net, Bluetooth, etc.

Is a cradle or bassinet better? ›

So, the major difference between a cradle vs bassinet is their usage and sturdiness. Although more expensive, cradles are sturdier and safer than bassinets. Most importantly, cradles soothe the babies to sleep but bassinets do not generally have a rocking mechanism.

What should newborn sleep in bassinet? ›

Leave baby alone in the crib or bassinet

Baby should sleep alone on her back without bumpers, stuffed animals, blankets or pillows. It's okay to start using a pillow and blanket when your child is a toddler and old enough to move out of a crib and into a toddler bed — ideally between 2 and 3 years old.

How much money should I have saved before having a baby? ›

A normal pregnancy typically costs between $30,000 and $50,000 without insurance, and averages $4,500 with coverage. Many costs, such as tests that moms who are at-risk or over age 35 might opt for, aren't totally covered by insurance. Plan to have at least $20,000 in the bank.

Does the type of bassinet matter? ›

For the most breathability, choose a bassinet with mesh sides or wooden slats (like a crib). Breathability is still important if you're using a mini crib or when your baby graduates to a regular crib. Go with a breathable mattress, like Newton Baby's Crib Mattress.

Why does room sharing reduce SIDS? ›

Goodstein said, when babies sleep in the same room as their parents, the background sounds or stirrings prevent very deep sleep and that helps keeps the babies safe. Room sharing also makes breast-feeding easier, which is protective against SIDS.

Should bassinet be right next to bed? ›

Instead of bed sharing, room share with your baby

Place your baby's crib, bassinet, portable crib or play yard in your bedroom, close to your bed. The AAP recommends room sharing because it can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50% and it's much safer than bed sharing.

When can baby move from bassinet to stroller? ›

We recommend switching to the stroller seat in a reclined position once baby can support their head on their own, which is typically about three months old. Then, you can switch to fully upright in the stroller seat when baby can sit up on their own, typically between five and seven months.

How do you prevent SIDS in a bassinet? ›

Have your baby sleep in in your room. Ideally, your baby should sleep in your room with you, but alone in a crib, bassinet or other structure designed for infant sleep, for at least six months, and, if possible, up to a year. Adult beds aren't safe for infants.

What month is SIDS risk? ›

SIDS risk by age

SIDS is more likely to occur at certain ages than at others. The NICHD notes that SIDS is most common when an infant is between 1–4 months old. Additionally, more than 90% of SIDS deaths occur before the age of 6 months old. The risk of SIDS reduces after an infant is 8 months old.

Should you put a mattress pad in a bassinet? ›

Regular bassinet mattress is easy to get stains on it and really need to make a lot of efforts to wash these stains off. Is there any solution about it? The answer, of course, is yes. A simple waterproof mattress pad helps to solve all these annoying issues.

Is Halo bassinet worth it? ›

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper is most certainly worth it. If you want to keep your baby close to you without co-sleeping, the HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper series will help you do that in style — maybe even better than its competitors, as it can swivel over your bed for an even closer co-sleeping feel.

What bassinet is closest to the SNOO? ›

Here are the best bassinets that are comparable to Snoo.
  • Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet.
  • Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper.
  • 4moms mamaRoo Baby Sleep Bassinet.
  • Chicco Close To You 3in1 Bedside Bassinet (now 30% OFF)
  • BabyBjorn Cradle.

Can the SNOO cause shaken baby syndrome? ›

Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

And parents can rest assured that the movements of SNOO were designed with a baby's safety in mind. In fact, the tiny movement of the bed platform at SNOO's top level sways less than 1/4 inch—back and forth—to each side.

Can baby sleep in SNOO all day? ›

Happiest Customer Care Team

We recommend using SNOO for naps and nights—as much as you can. SNOO's soothing rhythms help improve your infant's sleep at any hour. And, they automatically help your baby learn the difference between night and day, as well as the ability to self-soothe.

Why is Halo Bassinet so popular? ›

The mesh sides all around allow you to easily see your baby as well, which is always reassuring. Plus, it makes this bassinet extra breathable, so you don't have to worry about overheating. Remember to keep babies' sleep surfaces completely clear and free of blankets.

When can baby no longer sleep in bassinet? ›

When to stop using the bassinet. Most babies should transition from the bassinet by 4 - 6 months of age due to safety and comfort factors. Check out the height, weight, and other safety recommendations from your specific bassinet manufacturer.

Is there something better than the SNOO? ›

The Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper is a great option and probably the best SNOO alternative on the market—at a much lower price point! It mesh walls can be adjusted in height to allow for easy visibility and access from your bedside.

Can you use SNOO longer than 6 months? ›

Like all good things though, the use of this bassinet must come to an end at some point. Dr. Karp, the creator of the SNOO and Happiest Baby on the Block recommends discontinuing use of the bassinet at 6 months or when baby can get onto their hands and knees.


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